Mel Mellis!


Hi there!


Some years ago I used to have a
nice big
house on the coast.
It had a very large beautiful garden,
full of
colourful shrubs, small
trees and lovely flowers.

During spring time all flowers
were in full
bloom and attracted
all kinds of life.

It was really a bliss to watch
all these insects
flying around
the wonderful blossoms and

suck the juices out of them.

Among these interesting insects
were lots
of honey bees.
I enjoyed gardening at the time,
and I was always
playing with
the plants.

A few times I was stung by the
bees around
the flowers, which
was very irritating.

Although bees are not aggressive
they will
sting if they feel threatened.


Mel Mellis_04 Mel Mellis_03


The Nectar


The bees harvest from various
plants, trees,
shrubs and flowers.
So we have many different
kinds of honey,
which varies in
colour, flavour and taste.

Honey is my vary favourite
since I was a teenager.
I use it in all my hot drinks,
my cooking,
my baking and
on top of most of my
and yogurt.


Mel Mellis_06 Mel Mellis_05


The Nutrition


Pure honey has a good number
of nutrients.

Firstly it contains big amounts
of Potassium.

It also contains smaller amounts
Vitamin C and Folate.

I contains the minerals,Calcium,
Magnesium, Phosphorus,
and Selenium.

Of course it contains Water and
various Sugars,
like Glucose,
Fructose and Galactose.


Mel Mellis_02 Mel Mellis_01


The Advantages


Pure honey offers a lot of
health benefits.

Firstly, its natural sugars stabilize
our own
blood sugar levels and fight
insulin resistance.

Secondly, it promotes balanced
levels, so we can feel
calmer and more relaxed.

Thirdly, it is a natural source of
energy due
to its many nutrients,
so we feel more active.

Finally, it is an immune system
an anti-oxidant, an
anti-fungal, an anti-bacterial

and a natural throat soother.

Make certain you buy only pure
without additives.


Mel Mellis_08 Mel Mellis_07




You can use this magical ingredient
to give an ever-lasting glow to
your skin.

This facial will brighten your skin
and iron out your fine lines.

Combine 2 teaspoons of milk with
2 tablespoons of honey.

Cover your face with the mixture
and relax for 15 minutes.

Wash off and follow with your
regular moisturiser.


Take a spoonful of honey every
morning to maintain your youthful





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