Hi there!


It was a beautiful and warm early summer’s  morning.
I woke up feeling a bit “under the 
weather”, but it was
so nice and warm, and the
sun was shining;
so I decided to go out in
nature to improve my mood.

I put on a pair of jean shorts and my strappy top, and
started walking towards the beach.
As soon as I arrived I removed my shoes and started
walking on the warm pebbles,
dipping my feet in the
cool sea water
every now and then.

It was exhilarating!  Immediately I started experiencing
uplifting and peaceful
From time to time I stood up
and breathed in the
refreshing sea air.

I continued walking and started looking for sea shells.
It was amazing — all my attention was
taken by this simple pleasure,
which was a real treat
for all my senses.

I trully connected with nature, and gazing at the
openess of the ocean I felt extremely relaxed.


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Hard Work


Life is a journey and if you want it to be full of bliss
you have to desire and pursue
happiness and joy.

It all starts in the mind.
Our attitude must
be focused to all good things to come;
as a consequence our body language will show our
positive thinking.

Of course this is a personal choice, and obviously we
need a lot of inner work
to change our mindset. 

The following tips will assist you in this difficult
transition on a daily basis.


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Right Stuff


a)    Sing:

Pick a song you like and keep on playing it in
your head until you feel serene and
at peace.


b)    Breathe:

Practice slow abdominal breathing to calm down
and improve your mood.


c)    Smile:

Laugh either in real or just for the sake of it to
feel pleased and contented.


d)    Surround:

Associate only with confident and happy people,
and create a positive environment
in your life.


e)    Meditate:

Adopt meditation as your habit to keep your
thoughts under control.
To include some activity, practice walking meditation.


f)    Be outdoors:

Walk 40 minutes in nature to boost your state of mind,
feel  invigorated and refreshed.


g)    Be grateful:

Gratefulness is the secret to peace.
Make a list of all the things you are thankful in your
life and read it 3 times.


h)    Responsibility:

Control your thoughts and feelings, and be
responsible for your actions  and



Look after yourself,  help people as needed and
always give compliments.


Zeal_-006 Zeal_-005




It is only our personal choice how we handle stressful
situations and unhappy circumstances.
Your secret of success is positive thinking.
Take a deep breath and recognise all the good
things in your life.

The key to unlocking  your prison door is positive mental
attitude forevermore.
Our thoughts will get stronger and stronger, and will create
feelings, and in turn we will
act on them.

You have the power to control this and make your
life bright and shiny.

Do not be a victim!!!




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