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Ouroboros Ουροβὸρος Οφις
The snake eating its own tail.
The symbol of one’s self constant
Potential Immortality!!

Turritopsis Dohrnii
The “immortal jellyfish” in the Mediterranean
Sea, which can
revert to its original immature
state after ageing.


Chiranjivi_003 Chiranjivi_004


Trefoil Knot


Since time began mankind has been searching for the
secret of eternal youth,
which is a fantasy — or perhaps not!!

One of the most scary things about life is the threat of
getting old, sick and die.
You can increase your chances of living longer by
changing your habits
and lifestyle.

The body is designed to heal and repair itself;
and all it needs is energy and
raw material.
It needs the proper nutrition to keep it strong. 

There is no stopping “father time”, but there are
steps you can take to
delay the less desirable effects
he can
have on your health and your appearance.


Chiranjivi_002 Chiranjivi_001


Holy Grail


To slow down ageing until you reach your nineties;
because it is only after
that age you will reach the
mortality plateau
stage — and which can take you as far
as it is individually possible to go;  take the following steps:


a)    Exercise:


Take 45-60 minutes daily of moderate aerobic
activity like walking, and aim to lift anything
during the day to benefit your muscles.


b)    Diet:


Adopt a Paleo style diet to include only, free
range meats, fresh wild fish, fresh
and fruits, nuts, seeds and
healthy fats.

Also fast for at least 12 hours every night,
say 9pm to 9am next day;
and reduce your
calorie intake.


c)    Relaxation:


Sleep for 7 hours and handle all your stresses
so that you feel calm,
peaceful and happy.
Also meditate and be spiritual.


Chiranjivi_006 Chiranjivi_005


d)    Nutrition:


Takethe following supplements on a daily basis:

—  Vitamin C    1000mg

—   Vitamin D    1000mg

—   Vitamin E     200IU

—   Co Q10        100mg

—   Vitamin B Complex High Potency

—   Calcium/Magnesium/K2/Zinc/Copper/Manganese

High Potency Combination


Eat the following nutrients:

—    Vitamin A  =  liver, eggs, butter

—    Beta Carotene  =  sweet potatoes, carrots

—    Selenium  =  2-3 brazil nuts

—    Chromium  =  broccoli, potatoes, apples


Also eat the following chemicals:

—    Lutein  =  spinach, broccoli, peas

—    Zeaxanthin  =  pistachios, corn

—    Astaxanthin  =  wild shrimps, wild salmon

—    Curcumin  =  turmeric

—    Resveratrol  =  black grapes, blueberries

—    Lycopene  =  tomatoes, watermelon


Find your most healing and regenerative state of existence.

The search for eternal life continues…..

The quest for immortalitiy  goes on…..




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