Beaute Intemporelle!




As a white candle
in a holy place,
so is the beauty
of an aged face.


The Old Woman
by Joseph Campbell
1879 – 1944


DSC_0006 DSC_0020


Beauty is a combination of Health and
reflected on the outside.

After midlife we have to reconsider our
beauty routines for face,
body and hair.

Consider the following actions to
feel more confident.


DSC_0007 DSC_0025


The Magic Tricks


1)    To make crow’s feet and under
eye wrinkles less
obvious, keep the skin
around the eyes moisturised
at all times,
by applying your cream as soon as

you notice the slightest dryness.


2)    Sleep on two pillows to keep your
head higher and
encourage excess fluids
to drain off around the eyes.


3)    For a younger look, do not pluck
your eye brows.

Just use brow gel to keep them in place
Brush the eye brows daily against their
growth and
back to stimulate them.


4)    To smooth and quench your lips
use your rich
hydrating eye cream on
them every now and then.


5)    Use spray leave-in conditioner to
keep your hair
lifted, instead of the
normal one that makes it flat.


6)    To volumise your hair, turn your
head upside
down and blow dry the roots.


7)    For best anti ageing hair cut, go
for short multiple
choppy layers that
create fullness and volume.


8)    To soften your hands and cuticles,
and strengthen
your nails soak your
fingers in warm olive oil
for five minutes.


9)    To keep your body skin soft use a
mild, rich
moisturizing liquid soap in the
shower followed
by a rich cream.


DSC_0002 DSC_0023


The Secret Spots


The following are the best areas to apply your
chosen perfume:

a)    The nape of the neck.

b)    The throat.

c)    Behind the ears.

d)    The temples.

e)    Around the hairline.

f)    Between the breasts.

g)    Under the breasts.

h)    Inside the wrists.

i)    The crook of the arm.



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