Silver Fox!


Hi there!


The guests started arriving in the mansion for this
long-awaited charity event.
They were very smartly dressed and attracted all the
attention of the photographers.

The striking mature beauty arrived alone wearing this
stunning long light blue dress.
She looked so youthful with her beautiful shoulder
length gray hair.

There was something so compelling about her look.
She was so amazing in her great
figure that she
didn’t need to alter
anything — she felt so comfortable
within herself.

All eyes turned to look at her.
She was aware they were looking at her silver hair — but
she was so
confident she had made the very conscious
decision not to accept
stereotypes attached to older women.


DSC_0340 DSC_0346




There is a new hot beauty trend this year — and it is
called “granny hair”.
It really is on fire and it looks gorgeous.

This latest hair trend is very good news for all women
everywhere — and
especially the ones who are already blessed
with a granite coloured mane.

Since grey hair has gone so glam women have embraced
this new sexy
This latest style is refreshing
and challenging to our youth

Young women around the world, including many
celebrities have started dying their
hair grey — and it is
extremely impressive.
Silver hair has always been associated with
ageing — Not any more!

More and more women are deciding to let their
grey hair go.
On top of being
very chic and flattering, it is also  very
hair needs less maintenance,
it is healthier and extremely
Also it means liberation from the timely and costly hair
dying dynasty.


DSC_0341 DSC_0343


The Anarchist


This latest trend of “granny hair” look has definitely an
air of bold and
arrogant feminism.

It is absolutely naughty and rebellious.
It is undeniably a Feminist statement.
All these silver ladies know exactly what they want and
they do it.

They believe in themselves, and they rock their silver locks
with great
confidence, determination and courage;
and they look fabulous.

There is an enthusiasm for the minimum these days.
Minimal beauty is gradually becoming an obsession.


DSC_0344 DSC_0345


Pearly Vixen


Let your grey-haired natural tones shine through.
Flaunt it proudly but follow these tips:


a)    Have a beautiful geometric bob cut to meet your chin.

b)    Use a silver shampoo to keep the colour bright.

c)    Wear red lipstick and put a little also in your upper
eyelids to give light.

d)    Keep your eyebrows dark coloured, and if you feel,
use mascara.

e)    Wear a cool white nail polish.

f)    Wear lots of jewellery like silver rings and bracelets.


DSC_0339 DSC_0342


It is finally time for women to start enjoying grey emancipation;
as men have been
doing so, forever!


Dare to go grey!!




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