Bellezza Senza Tempo!




A fifty (50) year old woman has a projected
lifespan of eighty one years plus (81+).
The longer we live the greater the chance of
living longer.

It is very possible to rejuvenate ourselves
and spiritually;  and now with
all the latest scientific
research we can
also rejuvenate physically.

All these are of vital importance to us
in order to get
the most out of the
years to come.

Looking good is crucial for our self
The secret is to know what
to do at the right time.

By using the proper anti ageing
products we
can remove ten years
from our face.


Photo-0246 Photo-0251


The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Routine


Firstly, determine your skin type.
Secondly, choose the best products
your type.


1)    Start with a softening Cream Cleanser
clean and refresh the skin.


2)    Follow with a clarifying Toner to
any leftovers and hydrate.


3)    First step, use a rich Eye cream
which targets
wrinkles and under eye
bags for younger
looking eyes.


4)    Next step follow with an anti-wrinkle
to protect the skin’s youthfulness.


5)    Now smooth a firming Day Moisturising
that also reduces the appearance
of wrinkles.


6)    Finally cover your face with a good
anti ageing
Sun Protection cream that
contains antioxidants
and a SPF
more than 30.


7)    At the end smooth lightly a lip balm
on your lips,
and cover with a lipstick in
a youthful dark pink or red colour.


8)    At night follow the same ritual,
and finish with
a rich Night cream for
a smoother, firmer and
more radiant
looking skin.


Every week or so, exfoliate your face
to remove dead
cells, by mixing a
teaspoon of white Sugar with your



Photo-0254 Photo-0249


I m p r e s s i o n s


a)    If you have black circles and
puffiness keep your
hair away from
your forehead, so your eyes are not

the first thing people see on your face.


b)    If you have brown spots and other
signs of ageing,
take antioxidant
Pycnogenol supplements.


c)    Go to bed and wake up at the
same time every day
to maintain
your overall beauty.


Actual beauty comes from within!





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