Hi there,


She was sitting in this chic restaurant in Paris with
her young male friend; 
enjoying his company and the
evening peace.

There was something fascinating about her look and energy.
Her body was slender and flexible; her full lips were bright red;
her shoulder length hair was thick and shiny.
She was irresistible!

 There was just one thing that was very different;
she was a grey-haired woman in her sixties.

But one very handsome woman, full of exuberance!


Mathousala_02 Mathousala_03


Inside Information


We all want to live as long as possible and be healthy.
Although humans do live longer with the help of modern
this involves a lower quality of life.

The following suggestions are a good start for a longer
and more
youthful life.


Mathousala_01 Mathousala_04


1)    Healthy Diet


Choose fresh, clean, whole and raw foods, organic if possible,
can supply the body with all needed nutrients.


2)   Stress Control


Use various techniques to reduce stress in your life, like
exercise, meditation, positive thinking, love and laughter.
 Also eat or take probiotics, drink chamomile and lemon
balm teas.


3)   Body Detox


Avoid chemicals in foods, house and personal products as
much as
Also support your liver, kidneys and bowels to work efficiently by
eating high quality foods, maintaining healthy weight and avoiding
too much
sodium and alcohol.
Breathe deeply, do yoga and use saunas.


4)   Enhance Immunity


Get grounded – earthing, take vitamin D3, vitamin C,
eat garlic and sleep 7 hours.


5)   Hormonal Balance


Avoid all foods in plastic containers and cans.
Also try to avoid all heavy metals and pesticides.


Mathousala_06 Mathousala_05


Although some aspects of our health are governed by our
behaviour during pregnancy and our genes,
by following the right lifestyle
we can expect to live a long
healthy life.





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