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Izzy was living a comfortable middle class flashy life,
in a beautiful house in the
suburbs of this cosmopolitan city.
She had everything she ever wanted — or so she thought.

For a long time now, almost two years, she has been
feeling very stressed.
Every day was a big struggle to stay in control;
and the only therapy she had
found was shopping — and
shopping on a daily basis.

Suddenly one morning:  “there has to be a better way of
controlling my anxiety
than this daily waste of time
and money”,
she thought.
She decided something needed to change otherwise the
would be serious soon.

“This is it.  I have to define my values and prioritize
my needs” she thought
It was then when she made up her mind to move on with
downsizing all aspects
of her life.  

This included:

her expensive house and car, her designers’ clothes
and shoes her valuable hand made
furniture and
carpets — even this fashionable
neighbourhood she
was living.

The journey for a simpler, organised and fulfilling
life had just begun.
She started feeling as if she was taking back the helm
of her life.
She decided to sit in the wheel and pursue happiness
instead of appearances!!


Simplicite_005 Simplicite_006


Joie De La Vie


Life is simple but we do seem to try very hard to make
it so complex
and difficult that it becomes almost impossible
to handle.

People decide to downsize for a variety of reasons:
job stress, life change, more
family time.
It means making a conscious
choice towards a different
lifestyle like,
working from home or developing more
interests or even change country of living. 

You must identify what is important to you and simplify
all parts of your life.
This cutting down will give you peace and harmony,
comfort and well-being, space,
mindfulness, joy and
pleasure, happiness and
freedom to be flexible and independent.


Simplicite_004 Simplicite_003


Secret Du Bonheur


The following changes will stop the daily suffering.


1)     Honesty:   

Always speak the truth.
Avoid negative gossip and do not lie to yourself and
other people.


2)     Acceptance: 

Do not deny the reality of any situation;
accept your choices, what
you want and who you are.


3)     Communication:   

To be able to communicate with others you have to
listen to what they say.
Use fewer words and speak less.


4)     Commitments:   

Do not find excuses to avoid doing things or meeting
other people.
Plan ahead to avoid stress, and only keep the engagements
which are of greater
value to you.   


5)     Focus:   

Reduce the number of  your goals for better success,
concentrate to finish one task at a time so you
can be productive.


6)     Happiness:   

Think about yourself and what matters to you.
Decide what is
important (actions/people) and focus on
your true values.
Find happiness within.


7)     Silence:   

Avoid media, and cut down all relationships that
complicate your life and
distract you from your
own development.
Take time with yourself, be confident, true and natural.


8)     Control:   

It is impossible to master everything in life.
Just relax and let things
Slow down whatever you do:  cooking,
eating, walking,
talking, driving, so that
you can enjoy the benefits.


9)      Clearance:   

Only buy the items you need in your everyday life,
including food, and
eliminate anything unnecessary
accessories, shoes).
This way you will feel
free and satisfied.


10)    Downsize:   

Material possessions complicate our life and take our energy.
Sacrifice luxury for freedom.
Have a comfortable home, the size you actually need,
and savour quality of life.


Simplicite_002 Simplicite_001


Pleine Conscience


A simple life has less worries and responsibilities, and more freedom.
Learn to create a balanced and quiet space in your life and
you will enjoy
priceless benefits like: peace, space, contentment,
happiness and personal growth.

Enjoy the simple things.
Whatever the reason there is no better time than the present to
get rid of any excess baggage in every part of your life
and create
space for new opportunities to appear.





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