Sonno Tranquillo!




Sleep is as important to our well being
as nutrition
and exercise.

During sleeping the body repairs itself so
we are
 in top condition when we wake
up next day.

Many people try to sleep as little as
possible, so not
to waste time; while
others have great difficulty 
falling asleep
or staying asleep.

We all need to sleep a specific number
of hours to
be able to meet next day’s

Some people are able to function very
well after six 
hours of sleep.
Others needs between seven and nine
It all depends on the individual’s
genetic inheritance.

Basically, if you are capable to perform
all your
duties next day without feeling
sluggish and sleepy,
then most likely you
sleep all the hours your body

needs at night.


SonnoTr03 SonnoTr04


Standard Procedure


a)    Sleep in a slightly cool bedroom
to match your
body’s temperature
during the night.


b)    Expose yourself to sunlight during
the day to
regulate sleep patterns


c)    Avoid alcohol and caffeine twelve
before going to bed, because they
are stimulants.


d)    Go to bed and wake up at the same
time all seven
days of the week to
strengthen your body’s


e)    Keep your hands and feet warm
and your head cool
to help falling asleep.


f)    Keep your bedroom dark and quiet,
and remove all
electronic devices.


g)    Keep active during the day.


h)    Drink a cup of strong chamomile tea
with a spoon of honey.


i)     Eat foods containing Vitamins B or
take a supplement.


j)    Eat foods containing Tryptophan, like
poultry, red meat, shellfish, fish, eggs.


k)     Burn Lavender essential oil or put
some drops in your pillow at night.


SonnoTr02 SonnoTr01


Rules Of Action


When you go to bed at night do the
things to make you feel


1)    Surrender:    Let go of all that
happened during
the day, either good
or bad.
deeply to relax tensions and
feel peaceful and pleased.


2)    Welcome:    Understand and accept
whatever happened during the day and
feel relaxed.


3)    Be Optimistic:    Look forward to
tomorrow’s day.   


4)    Be Grateful:    Be thankful for
everything you had and did during the
course of the day.


5)    Sleep:    Take Bach Rescue Remedy
Empty your mind, close your eyes and
feel great.


Always make the best of the end
of your day.

Every night you go to bed leave all
the day’s burden
behind, so next
morning you start fresh.





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