Hi there!


In my mind I am still in my 20s.
This morning I have been feeling very active and happy;
so I decided to meet up with my best friend for a drink
and a bit of gossip.

I went to the bathroom and stood  in front of the mirror,
getting ready to start my usual beauty routine.
Looking at myself in the mirror I was shocked!
“This can’t be me”, I thought frightened.

I have just noticed the two creases on either sides of
my mouth and between my eyebrows;
as well as a sag
in the skin along my jaw line.

I know I have earned every wrinkle and sag while living
a full life until now, but still it was really shocking
to see
my changing face — and I do yearn to look younger…..!


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M a t u r i t y


An inevitable process, which start from the day we are born
is causing skin sagging.

It is an extremely annoying thing; and it gets worse as
we grow older.

It is an unavoidable part of the natural ageing process.
We experience chronological ageing, which is marked by gravity,
decline in our hormones, slower renewal of the 
cells, loss of fat
tissue and shrinking of the bones;  
and the skin is unable to
produce the nutrients it needs and hold water in its cells.

We also experience ageing due to external factors like, pollution,
ultraviolet light, lack  of sleep, lack of exercise and poor
and the skin can not protect itself.


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Growing Up


The first sign of natural and healthy ageing is sagging skin.
There is no cure for it unless we decide to choose scary surgical procedures.

The best thing we can do is to love our face as it develops,
look after ourselves and take the following necessary steps to
minimize the problem.


Options-02 Options-01


The Allies


It is up to us to provide our skin with the nutrients it needs to
protect itself and keep moisture.


1)    Eat a healthy diet including Soy (Phytoestrogens) and
Red Sweet Potatoes (Vitamin A), and drink enough liquids

during the day.


2)    The most important antioxidant to take is CoQ10.
Also, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Omega 3 oil daily.


3)    During your beauty routines, massage the whole face
and neck with upward movements morning and night for
two minutes to increase circulation.


4)    Exercise the neck  by tightening the muscles and holding
for 10 seconds.
Repeat 5 times.


5)    Exercise the neck by turning right, left and back holding
for 10 seconds at a time.
Repeat 3 times.


6)    Chew gum daily for 30 minutes to improve face muscle tone.




Use good skin firming beauty products without chemicals and
preservatives, as well as wearing
a sunscreen daily.





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