Hi there!


Last night I had a disturbing dream, so this morning
I woke up feeling agitated.
As usually, my first move was to look myself in the
bathroom mirror — and that was it!

I have just noticed these two soft bags under my eyes.
“What is happening to me?
Am I sick?”  I wondered, sensing anxiety coming on.

I know I have been under stress lately due to my life’s
circumstances, but I didn’t
think that this could ever
cause puffiness
under my beautiful eyes.

I finished my morning skin care routine, dressed and
I decided to go for a walk
by the sea.
Gazing the horizon relaxed
my spirit, and the cool
sea breeze
cleared my head.


Vision-04 Vision-03


Soul Windows


The eyes are the most mesmerizing feature in the face.
They are the most captivating
and alluring facial feature
to attract the
opposite sex;   and with which we can
express very many things.

The eyes are the windows through which we view the
world and gather information.
Everyone wants a gorgeous and youthful look, but when
we have under eye bags
and puffiness we look old,
tired and sick.

Certainly a number of reasons can cause this undesirable
problem — and the most
common ones are natural ageing,
chronic stress and bad nutrition and lifestyle.


Vision-05 Vision-06


G u i d e l i n e s


 1)     Drink healthy liquids avoiding dehydrating drinks like coffee
and alcohol to remove excess
salt from the body;
and reduce your salt intake,
especially at night.

2)     Eat a healthy, clean diet avoiding all processed foods, and
including beans and sweet potatoes (Potassium)
and all green
vegetables and herbs (Vitamin K).

3)     Place something cold on your eyes like: cold cucumber
slices, cold tea bags, cold potato slices,
cooling eye gel mask,
cold saline water swabs or
cold tablespoons for 10 minutes.

4)     Take deep breaths and try to sleep 7 hours, preferably
on your back with 2 pillows or switch
sides often to avoid
the collection of fluids
under the eyes.

5)     Use the appropriate eye cream according to your age,
morning and night.

6)     Walk daily to move the fluids through your body,
and rest enough.


Vision-02 Vision-01


I n e v i t a b i l i t y


Sagging skin all over the body including the face is an
unavoidable part of ageing.
A number of people are prone to under eye bags and
puffiness due to heredity;
and obviously, as we
grow older these
problems become more evident.

You have to learn to accept your look as it develops.
The best tactics are to smile
a lot and draw attention
to other features
on yourself.




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