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This cool night of December she was invited to a
very interesting party.
Wearing her most exciting clothes she took the taxi that
would bring her to this
incredible estate.

Upon arriving and entering the well-decorated impressive
room she was welcomed by a
beautiful crowd, who made
her feel totally happy.

It was a fantastic atmosphere; people were drinking and
chatting, others
were dancing and one group were
a game with partners.
They seemed to take great pleasure in doing all these.

Everything was exhilarating!
“I do want to let myself enjoy all this unbelievable celebration;
what an
unforgettable experience” she thought.
But being such a reserved person by nature, she kept on
holding back.

Later on that night when she returned home, and while
relaxing on her sofa,
she thought … “although I had a
time, still, I feel I was very tight.
This New Year’s resolution for me will be To
Enjoy My Life Much More……”.


Decisions-02 Decisions-06


Strong Will


Another year ending — another year starting;
but it is always the same thing.

You make new resolutions and try to put them in to
action for the next few weeks.
Then suddenly one day you have had enough and you
start ignoring them — and this is
very disappointing.

New Year is a great start for what you always wanted to do.
It is the perfect
time to turn a new page and live a better life.
It is an excellent opportunity
to establish new routines
and achieve
brand new goals — to make a fresh start.


Decisions-05 Decisions-01




The following tips can help you keep up with your new resolutions.

1)    Be Sensible:

Only make the resolutions that will make you happy at this
point in your life;
and the ones that need the minimum
effort to be accomplished, so you can keep on doing them.

2)    Visualise:

Picture yourself as you would like to be and try to behave
in this new way.

3)    Keep records:

Make a plan every morning for the whole day so you know
exactly what
you are doing at all times.

4)    Concentrate:

Turn any failures into successes by always being persistent.

5)    Have fun:

Follow your resolutions by making  them interesting,
pleasant, and


Decisions-04 Decisions-03


F i n a l e


No matter what age we are we still have a number
of possibilities
within to start again differently.
We can change our life, if we really want.

A simple but excellent start to the New Year will be 

(a)  to get out of the house more, or 

(b)  to go for walks in nature, or 

(c)  to talk to the people you meet, or 

(d)  to join a Spa.


Have a very Happy New Year!!!





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