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Man’s purpose in life is to discover what he is meant to
do — and do it.
It is not easy, and it takes focus and dedication.

Most people are moving through life not knowing how
to “ride the waves”,
so they are lost in the choppy seas
with their life destroyed.


Tsunamis_03 Tsunamis_04


To conquer life we must conquer the mind.
In order to master the body we must first be in
full control of the spirit.
This is the only way to be completely happy and live
the life we want.

Man does not know his own soul: the source of
his thoughts and wishes.
He simply follows his animal instincts, and this blindness
pushes him into

The only solution is self-knowledge, self-understanding
and self-control;
to be the masters of our psyche — our
innermost self.


Tsunamis_02 Tsunamis_05


S a l v a t i o n


From readings and personal experiences, the following main
things to focus on are imperative
to triumph over life.

1)     You must always have goals in your life;
but it is most important to enjoy
the journey even
if you never reach your goal.

2)     You must be flexible:  either accept things as they
are or do them your own way.

3)     You must be fearless, make the best of your life and
follow your dreams.

4)     Be patient, commit to what you want and follow it
through for as long as it takes.

5)     Be simple in your life, because happiness comes
ONLY from within.

6)     Be yourself and trust yourself;   this way you will
add quality to your life.

7)     Live ONLY in the present, because the past is gone
and the future is unknown.

8)    Always practice positivity and gratefulness. 

9)     Live proactively and collect the rewards. 

10)    Try to help and improve the life of others.


Tsunamis_01 Tsunamis_06


You have the power to change yourself and be successful in
every part of your life.

My late father’s words to me were:
Pray for Health, Strength and Wisdom!!,
which I always do.





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