Sans Age!


Hi there!


Izzy walked into the room wearing her clingy and
revealing burgundy strappy
dress and stilettos to match.

Her chestnut-silver short bob was shining under the
strong chandelier
She looked so seductive and alluring;
utterly mesmerising!
Her strong figure was elegant and ageless.

He watched her bold stride and thinking how sexy she was.
She sensed his admiration and glanced at him.
A smile crossed her lips — she moved on feeling very confident…..


Sans_Age_02 Sans_Age_03


R e l a t i v i t e


There is evidence suggesting the people stay young
longer nowadays.
We can also see a number of famous women who can
prove that hitting the
60 mark and your sixth decade can be
the most exciting. 

Women like Elen Barkin and Rene Russo can confirm that
age is truly just a number.
It is relative;   and it is all in the mind!!
Women at 60 still have it….


Sans_Age_06 Sans_Age_05


C r o y a n c e


If you have just crossed the 60 year mark here are some
things you should
be doing in order to fulfil the notion
that 60 is the new 40.

1)     Look at your body as a whole and love it as it is.

2)     Believe that you deserve care, respect and admiration.

3)     Take care of yourself as best as possible on a daily basis.

 4)     Dress with the right clothes, which fit well and
compliment your type.

5)     Love and look after your skin and hair. 

6)     Think positively every day about yourself,
acknowledging how happy, healthy and beautiful you are.

7)     Be active and enjoy your life.

 8)     Feel confident despite your imperfections,
and you will always be sexy and powerful.

9)     Good nutrition and plenty of liquids are the most
important elements for keeping your
body in form.


Sans_Age_01 Sans_Age_04


S o i x a n t e


As long as you can balance the four main areas in your life:
physical, mental, social and spiritual, then you can
really say you are 40.

You can make the choices that fit your personality
and lifestyle.

Believing that 60 is the new 40 it makes it true!!!




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