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Human beings spend almost half of their time thinking
about either their past
experiences or worrying
about the future.

This reminiscing or agonizing makes them very
unhappy and anxious — even
if sometimes their
thoughts are pleasant.

According to studies people feel the happiest when
living in the present time.
The three main situations which managed to keep
people’s mind in the present
moment for the longest time were:

(a)  having sex, (b)  exercising and

(c)  talking to another person.

By stopping our mind from jumping between various
thoughts and being here now, we will
experience true living.

Try to incorporate the above three things in your life
on a regular basis, and you will
feel more peaceful,
enthusiastic, compassionate
and certainly more safe.


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Ground Rules


The following list of life lessons I have learned.
Think about them and sort out any parts of your life
which need to be placed in order.

Be Present:

Past is gone and future is unknown.
Present is the only time we have.
Enjoy what life offers now. 

Be Kind:

Smile, talk, give compliments, help and be polite
to other people.

Be patient:

Plan ahead, write, read, talk to someone, keep busy
and think positively.

Be productive:

Know, be organised and focus on what you want,
and take action towards your dreams.

Be grateful:

Count your little blessings;   at least three daily.


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Be responsible:

Be disciplined, cope with problems, take decisions
and accept your mistakes.

Expect the best:

You deserve a wonderful life and you will have it.


Pray, learn the lesson, be happy, be successful and move on.

Love yourself:

Be positive, do not criticise, trust and acknowledge
your efforts.
Do not worry, nurture and forgive yourself.
Be spiritual, sincere, relaxed and have fun. 

Love others:

Respect, listen, share and be true to other people.


Reflections-03 Reflections-02


End Of The Line 

We can not control situations or other people,
but we can definitely control and
change our
personal response to them.




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