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That evening she felt very active; so she
decided to go to the gym
for a couple of hours.

Her plan was to meet her friend at the Amaranto
lounge afterwards;
so she put her black fishnet tights
on and her burgundy mini coat dress. 

When she arrived she strutted on down the street
not noticing that
her ripples of cellulite were showing.

When finally she realised, she was already in the gym.
She felt so confused and a bit ashamed, but she tried
to grin and show no

At the end she decided it was time to accept the fact that
the Monster has come nearer….


Plethora_06 Plethora_01


S u p e r f l u i t y


Body fat is held in place by connective tissue — collagen and
elastin fibres.

When some of this fat protrudes into the dermis it creates
and we get this anomaly called cellulite.

Cellulite creates a bumpy, shadowy and dimpled appearance
on the skin,
in the butt, hips and thighs.
In men it usually appears in their abdomen.

It is not a disease but being female it is almost certain
that you will be
affected since, at least, 90% of women
have this occurrence.
Also, the body’s fat deposition is hereditary.

Cellulite becomes more obvious as we grow older due to
thinning and weakening of the skin fibres.


Plethora_05 Plethora_02


Peau D’ Orange


Natural approaches that may help to reduce the mattress look
appearance of the skin, regardless of the age, are the following:

1)   Balancing Hormones by controlling stress, sleeping 7 hours,
getting out in sunlight and eating a healthy diet.

2)   Avoid Caffeine.

3)   Take or Eat Omega 3 oils.

4)   Walk daily to move the lymph and lift objects to tone
the muscles.

5)  Keep normal weight for your size.


Plethora_04 Plethora_03


Finally, we can not do anything about our predisposition  and genetic
factors, but by mastering
our lifestyle we can keep this cottage
cheesy flesh under control.





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