Mezza Eta!




It was a sunny spring morning and I decided to go
window shopping.
As I was walking looking at the shops, I could not avoid
noticing how exciting
the latest fashion trends were — then
suddenly there it was! 

The most interesting skinny trousers I had ever seen together
with a matching lacy
“I must try them”, I thought eagerly
and I walked into
the shop floor.

After choosing my size I went into the changing room.
I had been humming in
the mirror when I heard the
lady next door
saying “you really look great;   like the
mannequin in the shop window”. 

“Thank you” I replied and took the clothes to the till to pay.
As I was walking past the window I looked at the mannequin,
and suddenly it hit me!
I was a middle aged woman dressed like a 25 year old girl.
For a few years now I have been fooling myself like most
modern women do.
But although chronologically I am
a middle
aged woman, at heart I am still 25;   and I refuse
to accept this deceptive artificial term.


Mezza_02 Mezza_01


Magia Bianca


According to a study, middle age starts at 55.
But according to a poll among middle-agers it starts at
70 with old age starting at 80.

It is tough and requires change.
Today’s middle aged people are svelte and radiant,
and try to achieve everything they put
in their minds
even if it is difficult and persist
from beginning to end.

It is most important to remember that age in years is
only a number.


Mezza_04 Mezza_03


Giovane Per Sempre


In order to influence our physical body to better ageing
we require a holistic approach.
Adopting the following will certainly help. 

1)     Always try to do what you love. 

2)     Accept your face and body as they are developing. 

3)     Recognise your strengths and act accordingly. 

4)     Have the right mental attitude. 

5)     Be positive and have humour. 

6)     Feel liberated and keep moving. 

7)     Always try to look your best. 

8)     Continue learning and seek out new experiences. 

9)     Do not waste time worrying. 

10)    Eat smart and take vitamins. 

11)    Sleep and sleep more. 

12)    Have a younger partner and friends.


Mezza_06 Mezza_05


Invecchiare Con Grazia


There are times when my body puts a stop on my
youthful enthusiasm;
but in general, I still think like
I am in my

We are as old as we feel!!!



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