The Journey!


Hi there!


Izzy was still an ageless beauty, at the age of 73.
She was spotted coming out of the Maze in Mayfair
accompanied by
her much younger long term boyfriend.

Her stunning looks draw all eyes on her.
She was looking radiant and glowing in her gorgeous
red Dior tailored
trousers suit and black court shoes.

Her short chestnut with silver streaks bob was
voluminous and well-styled.
She was relaxed and smiling, looking amazingly
healthy and happy.

Her age defying secrets…..


TheJourney_02 TheJourney_01




Keeping ourselves in every way healthy naturally is a
lifelong learning process.
Our body is programmed for good health and knows
exactly how to
cure itself from any kind of disease.

The only thing we need to do is to provide all the
right conditions
and instruments for this business
to take place naturally.

Our ultimate goal is to have the best health, a
radiant spirit, an
inspirational zeal and be energetic
well into old age.


TheJourney_04 TheJourney_06


C l a s s i f i e d


1)    Diet 

Our diet is most important for healthy living.
Food is the fuel the body needs to grow and repair itself.
Also clean filtered water is critical since our bodies are
around 75% water.


Whole Natural Foods.
Free Range and Organic Meats and Eggs.
Raw Nuts and Seeds and Fruits.
Wild Cold Water Fish.

2)    Lifestyle

Adopt healthy habits:

Take regular exercise walking 30 min. daily in
nature and sun,
and stand up every half hour.
Sweat to detoxify the body either by using a
sauna or by sunbathing.
Have quality sleep for 7 hours in darkness
before midnight.

Breathe deeply to get more oxygen in, and keep
all poisons and toxins
away from you.

3)    Environment

Live in clean surroundings to avoid absorbing
harmful chemicals.
Use good quality personal household products.

Unclutter your life physically to remove moulds
and bacteria as
well as mentally to feel happier.

4)    Mental

Our mental state has an immediate effect on our
physical health.
Have a positive mental attitude, be grateful and
governed by action.

Reduce stress by smiling, feeling love, avoiding
bad news and negative
people and focusing only
on the

Pray to a higher power, love yourself and help others.


TheJourney_03 TheJourney_05


C o n f i d e n t i a l 


The above mentioned five “secrets” will add quality
and quantity of life.



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