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“What’s the story behind your daily worry”?
I asked my friend Angie some time ago,
while sipping our tea that
“My sex life is in ruins and I have difficulty
when I exercise”,
she replied sadly.

“Oh, that reminds me of Taffie.
Last time I saw her she complained feeling very
when sitting or standing”, I said.


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Vaginal dryness is a very common symptom for
many women
of different ages, and affects our
everyday lives.

It is extremely annoying and disturbing,
but it can be remedied by many
natural options.


Secheresse_03 Secheresse_05


Secret Agents


1.  Hormonal Imbalances
2.  Stress and Anxiety
3.  Various Medications
4.  General Diet
5.  Hygiene Products


Secheresse_04 Secheresse_06


Natural Support


a)  Good Quality Nutritional Supplements for support and
to assist the body
to heal itself.

b)  Reduction of Stress with exercise, meditation and laughter.

c)  Vitamin E applied locally to help restore the thin tissues.

d)  Good Quality Personal Lubricant like Astroglide to
help during sexual activity.

e)  PH balanced and pure washes like Eubos.

f)  Eating Organic Soya Foods & other Phytoestrogens
like flaxseeds,
nuts and beans.

g)  A well Balanced Diet with vegetables, fruits,
healthy fats and good protein.

h)  Drink plenty of Liquids like water and herbal
teas to keep the body lubricated.





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