La Pregunta!




The telephone rang breaking the silence in the quiet office.
“Hello” he answered quickly. 

“Hi Bo, how are things there?”, the male voice on
the line asked.
“Everything’s alright;  very busy at the moment”,
Bo replied.

“I called to ask you to join me on my trip to Paris,
as you know,
next month” he said.

“Thanks, I’ll think about it and call you back” Bo replied.
Immediately he started thinking how he could
manage to go on this
very exciting trip with his friend.

Not very easy, considering his many financial
He thought “How can I afford this trip?”.
Being a positive person he instantly decided to find
creative ways to be
able to afford it.


Pregunta_01 Pregunta_04


La Solucion


The right questions result in the right solutions of any issue.
Making the correct query is the key to winning any
personal and
professional battle.

The following major points are fundamental to
problem solving.

1)   Be Positive

Always think positively so your mind can start finding
ways to achieve your goal like, “what can I do
to improve myself”.

2)   Be Grateful

Remember all the good things you have accomplished
and have in
your life.
Then you will see a lot
of possibilities opening.

3)   Question

Always challenge and consider alternative routes — say
have I got to lose”.

4)   Do Not Judge

Avoid all wrong assumptions because they will never
any problems.
Always ask and listen. 

5)   Persist 

Do not limit yourself. Keep on asking questions until you
are satisfied with
the answers.


Pregunta_03 Pregunta_02


La Conclusion


If we are creative there will always be solutions
to any problem.
Even if the solutions are not desirable
there are still solutions to choose from.





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