Hi there!


It was a stylish reception, and all guests were standing
around the bar tables chatting and sipping their drinks.

Then, she walked into the atmospheric room and all
eyes were kept nailed on that powerful woman.

Her complete self-assurance made them feel intrigued.
She had an aura that was an outcry. 

Izzy sensed the people gravitating towards her.
She had unleashed the power inside of her;
and she knew she was a winner! 

She walked to the end of the room, where the bar was.
“Can I have a Fever,
please?” she asked the smart barman.

Holding the chilled martini glass in her hand she faced
the man who was standing
next to her and smiled at him
while making strong eye contact…..


Impressive_05 Impressive_06


Standing Out


Most human beings want to make their mark.
A number of people emanate an attractive aura,
but making the difference is a
procedure we can learn.

First impressions are powerful.
People will form permanent opinion within only a
few minutes of meeting
someone — and we only have
one chance. 

Consequently our appearance, body language and
words will send messages,
which will dominate the
other person’s
view forever, and it will be impossible
to reverse.


Impressive_03 Impressive_04


Smart Moves


Whether you want to make new friends, get a job or
make a strong appearance, the
following techniques
will make a considerable

1)   Posture

Walk tall with shoulders back and the head held high.

2)   Purpose

Always walk with confidence meaning business.

3)   Appearance

Look the part by wearing smart clothes with something

4)   Position

Be relaxed, face the person keeping one foot a bit forward
and make strong eye contact.

5)   Approach 

Be sociable and concerned about other people’s interests.
Display humor and

6)   Passion

Be enthusiastic about your subject of discussion.

7)   Belief

Trust your individuality and believe in yourself.


Bottom Line


Practice the above techniques and adjust them to
suit your personality.

This is how you will increase your chances for making
a solid impression and
stand out in a crowd.





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