Hi there!


We put on our most impressive clothes and headed
for MAHIKI in Mayfair.
I am very excited to be here because it brings me back
to my younger years.

I used to eat in KONA KAI every weekend, and its
Polynesian atmosphere and decorations
give me that
same old feeling and put me in the
mood for being in
a tropical island.

We sat in our bamboo round table and ordered our favourite
Tiki cocktail — Painkiller — the
taste of Paradise!

The night was hypnotic and we went on enjoying ourselves.
Not for one moment we felt tired or sleepy; instead it was
euphoria and ecstasy.

We left the club at 3:30am feeling very active.
It was almost 4:30am and once again I was tossing
and turning in my bed without being
able to fall asleep.

A few times I drifted in and out of sleep, but that was all.
My story was repeating itself.


Somnous_01 Somnous_04


P a s i t h e a


To achieve a deep restorative sleep it is essential to
adopt well-planned strategies.
Avoid common sleep enemies and embrace sleep-promoting
to prevent wrestling with insomnia problems.

Note that being female is an extra risk factor.
So if you do not want to be sleep-challenged take all
necessary steps to accomplish
quality and restful sleep.


DSC01544 DSC01542


M o r p h e u s


The following advice will help you sleep naturally.

1)    Exercise 

Exercise moderately daily for 30-40 minutes during the
morning and afternoon hours 
(walking, swimming, Yoga).
This will relieve stress and relax the body. 

2)   Sleep-Wake Cycle 

Let the day light into your home daily.
Spend a lot of time outside during the day not wearing
sunglasses (unless there
is a very strong sun) for your
eyes to
absorb the light.

3)   Stimulants

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and heavy rich and processed
foods in the evening.
Go to bed at least two hours after eating. 

4)   Routine

Try to go to bed before midnight and always similar
time every night, and only
to sleep;
and wake up similar time
every morning.

5)   Environment

Arrange your bedroom to be dark, quiet and around 20C.
Keep the bed clean and comfortable. 

6)   Stress 

Contemplate feelings of happiness, listen to soft music,
breathe deeply,
visualise your best situation, repeat the
word PEACEFUL in your mind.

Avoid watching stressful movies and talks on TV.
Avoid stressful conversations in the evening.




Smell lavender essential oil, take rescue remedy night.


Somnous_06 Somnous_05


I n d e s p e n s a b l e s


 The information below is absolutely vital to follow in
order to achieve
the desirable results. 

a)     Take Calcium and Magnesium supplements.

b)     Take Vitamin B Complex supplements.

c)     Eat Tryptophan foods (converts to serotonin).
Pork chop, turkey, beef, oats, salmon, lamb chops. 

d)     Eat Phosphatidyl Serine foods (regulates cortisol levels).
Chicken livers and chicken legs with skin, white beans, veal chops.

e)     Eat Melatonin foods.
Mustard seeds, sunflower seeds,  flax seeds, coriander.

f)     Drink Chamomile tea.

g)     Drink Lemon Balm (Melissa) tea.

h)     Drink Lime Blossom (Linden) tea.

Take all teas with a full teaspoon of pure honey.


Pleasant Dreams!





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