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We belonged to the same health club.
Every evening we both went to the gym;
and although we never talked, we always made
eye contact which lasted
many seconds.

A good number of times our eyes locked for a
whole minute.
I really liked him but I was too nervous to
approach him.

This went on for sometime;   until one evening
we bumped into each other.
We only said “Hello”, smiled and he went on to the
treadmill to jog.

Although I was feeling so anxious, I decided to stand
up for myself.
I went over to him and started talking about fitness.

He responded immediately, so we went on talking.
We found that we were thinking similarly on the
subject of fitness.

“We must arrange to meet soon” I said.
“Definitely, we have so much
in common” he replied.
“How about next Saturday evening?”
I asked.  “It’s a date” he replied. 

My decision to gain self-confidence and make the first
step paid off.
Since then we are still together, and going strong.


Lady_In_Black Lady_In_Red 


F i d u c i a

Self-confidence is the key to living
our best life.
Our success in every sector of our life depends on it.

It is extremely and absolutely important.
All it needs is determination, persistence and self-direction.

Being competent and respect yourself equals self-confidence.


Blue_Flower Red_Flower


F u n d a m e n t a


Practice the following recommendations and you
will gain tremendous inner power.

1)    Identify the reasons you feel insecure and worried,
and minimise or correct them.

2)    Think positively and believe in yourself.
Live only in the present and be flexible, calm and relaxed.

3)    Acknowledge ten things you have achieved in your life
until now, and be pleased and

4)    Force yourself out of your comfort zone.
Plan and set new goals and targets, and take the risks.

5)    Value and stand up for yourself.
Develop your interests and be natural.

6)    Associate with positive and happy people.
Give compliments and accept compliments.
Do not talk too much;   listen more and be in control.

7)    Pay attention to your posture, the way you dress
and your whole attitude, to inspire

8)    Look after your physical fitness and walk with
energy and purpose at all times.


One_Cool_Lady Four_Cool_Ladies


Etat D’ Esprit


Self-confidence is a state of mind.
Unscramble your soul and transform your beliefs
with positive thoughts.
Only then you will create a strong personality.

 Good Luck!!





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