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They met by accident when holidaying in sizzling
Malta a few summers ago.
It was something about the hot weather and the fact
that they were both wearing
same Denims.

They started talking about everything imaginable,
and spent every waking
moment together.

Every night they were taking romantic strolls on the
beach, then dining in one
of the restaurants by the sea.
It was an incredibly fantastic summer of love.

The time went so unbelievably fast and they had to
return back to their places.
They vowed undying love, and promised to call,
write and meet.

They kept on seeing each other for some time,
but before too long dark
clouds started to appear.

She was deeply hurt.
Although she was very much in love, she finally
found the strength inside her
to move on with her life.


Shadow-Arm Shadow-Karate


T r a n s f o r m a t i o n

Our life is full of considerable changes; and every
serious change  equals reinvention.

Leaving a relationship, moving home, losing a loved one,
losing a job, are only
examples of a critical point in our life.

The secret is to take control of the situation and of who
we will become
after the crisis.
It is vital to choose reinvention.

In order to be able to continue we must see that around
the corner is a new
found life.


Margarita Butterfly


Surviving Keys


1)     Perception

Imagine your new life: the place you will go,
the people
you will meet, the situations you
will be involved.
Go there and see everything.
Be grateful for the past and walk into the future.

2)    Writing

Make a full plan of your new life.
Write down every detail you imagine about your
new life:
your house, your friends, any kind of
work you will be doing, exercise,

3)    Visuals

Identify at least three very good reasons regarding
your reinvention.
Why you need to start your life again:
hard way of life, lack of friends, weather conditions,
moving home.

Have actual pictures of your new life like;
the place, the people,
the house.

4)    Projects

 Do all you need to do to achieve your goals:
find a house, meet people, find a job,
go to the places
you are interested.
Prepare the ground for your future.

5)    Imperfections

Correct any weak points you have to get ready
for your future:
appearance, health, personality,
way of thinking.
Be well-equipped.


RedFlowers BlueFlower


New Beginnings


Every day work on your plan of reinvention.
It is difficult, but if you really want to move
forward and change your life, you have to
find the courage to act on your goals.

If we feel we need a change, and we do not
take all the necessary steps
to achieve this,
it will lead to
lethargy, desperation and anxiety;
which in turn will have destructive consequences
to our health,
and finally will kill our soul.

Ignore fear no matter how hard it is.

Be yourself…

Be resilient…

Be flexible…

Take action…

Take the leap…

Just keep going!!!




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