Hi there!


Izzy was lazily sunbathing on the
lounger topless, enjoying the heat
of the midday sun on her naked body.

Suddenly there he was!
Bo was standing in front of her.
His piercing eyes examining her
so seductive tanned skin  —  and
he started feeling excited to this view.

He started caressing her soft damp
skin, as his body was tense with desire.
Her sensuality and passion were awaken;
and she felt dizzy with
anticipation and lust…..


SnorkelSize NoseTrick


I m p e t u s


Most people continue to be sexually active as
they grow older, but in a
more mature way.

As at all ages, sexual activity starts
in the mind and then involves the body.
We need to understand and accept
all changes which happen as the time goes,
and communicate our needs.

Today middle age people  can enjoy
amazing  sex because they feel more
comfortable and relaxed with themselves,
their image and their whole life.

The majority of people want to love and be
loved for as long as possible.
This is only natural and absolutely vital for our living.


HouseWork SeriousMen


C o n s i l i u m


The following protocol will help to
relish and express our sexuality in
a much more fulfilling way.

1)    Keep active by exercising moderately
on a daily basis.

2)    Eat a healthy diet and consume protein
with every meal.

3)    Take vitamins and minerals every day.

4)    Remain sexually active always,
solo or with partner.

5)    Use paraben free lubricants.
(Astroglide Natural).


Have a pleasurable time!!





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