Placer De Verano!


Hi there!


The warmest and most seductive season
of the year.

Hot weather is the perfect opportunity
to meet people and have new wonderful
experiences and awesome memories.


Lavender Orthansia


Wind of Love


It was July in the mid 70s, I must have
been sixteen years old.
It was very hot;   together with a couple
of school friends we used to walk on
the beach every evening.

What a pleasure it was to feel the soft
sand on the soles of our
feet and the warm wind blowing on our faces!
I had very long hair, and I really took
such pleasure when the warm wind was
sweeping it off my face.
I felt as if it was licking my skin cool,
making love to me!


FloatingFar Candle_ENPLW 


We laughed and played, as teenagers do,
trying and learning things at the same time.

That specific evening I went to the
beach with my best male friend from
my class.

He was a very fit and good looking boy,
nicely dressed.
He had brown short hair and gorgeous
hazel eyes.

His smell was captivating and his lips
were to die for!
That was the summer I learnt what love was….


Moon Moon_Beach


Summer Pleasures


Summer is the best season of the year.

We all want to take advantage of the warm temperatures and longer days.
We all want to be outdoors, feel the heat of the sun, enjoy the freedom,
go to concerts, go to the beach or pool, swim and play!

We want to slow down, relax and savour
this fantastic time of the year…


En-Plo-View Varkiza_Concert 


Picture this;

Sitting in a soft sofa on the balcony of a cozy seaside Lounge Club,
carried away by this Ambient House Music, watching the
red sun setting at the sea horizon while sipping a long cold glass of ‘Wet Kiss’

What a bliss….!

During the three glorious summer months
the warm weather is the perfect opportunity
to meet people, and have new experiences
and amazing memories.


Star-Flower Garden


Sweet Heat

Summer time makes people want to
fall in love.
Be positive, laugh and dress youthfully.
Go out and enjoy yourself as much as you can.
Love your life.

Have an incredible and unforgettable summer!





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