Wealthy Liaisons!


Hi there!


“I’ve been invited to a modern art exhibition
tomorrow evening” Bo said smiling.
“You already know I find modern art really
very boring”Izzy replied.

“This is a very useful contact for my job — so
you understand,I do need to go ” he said,
“and I want you to come with me”.
Once again she started feeling very pressed
and stressed.

On the one hand she didn’t want to do something
she didn’t enjoy knowingly she would be
continuously under pressure.

On the other she knew she had to support
her loving partner.
She gave him a soft kiss and agreed to
give him her help and support.


BlackRed_Couple Dancing_Tight 




A successful relationship needs flexibility
and much consideration.
It also needs a lot of love and hard
work in order to make it last.


Never take your partner for granted
because it will backfire at some point.
Because men and women consider
romance in different ways you must
study your partner carefully in order
to understand how to behave in a given
moment, and so to achieve long
lasting happiness.




Eternal Bliss


As long as we live we continue learning.
Here are some guidelines which I have
learnt from personal experience and after
researching the subject of joy between couples.


1)    Respect each other, and be always

   generous and honest.

2)    Give your partner support and help

   when needed.

3)    Show your appreciation and admiration,

   and compliment them often.

4)    Accept what your partner loves, desires

   and dreams.

5)    Know which issues are not acceptable for

   discussion and avoid them.

6)    Know when your partner needs to relax

   and be affectionate.


MadeForEachOther Hands_behind


7)    Recognise when they are listening to what

   you say or they are just being there.

8)    Know when you have a valid disagreement

   and when you must abandon and leave.

9)    Learn not to argue aggressively but discuss

   the issue clearly to find the solution.

10)  Always say “sorry” when you know you are wrong.

11)  Accept you do not know everything about

   your partner.

   Ask to learn, and Ask to get.

   Do not expect them to guess what you have

   in your mind.

12)  Make time for each other to relax, play and feel good.





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