E Kipa Mai!



Hi there!


My interview was arranged for early
this evening.
I was dressed in a stylish pencil skirt,
a slightly low cut top and high heels;
and I was waiting in the lounge area inside
my boss’s office.


He was a very handsome, interesting
and clever man in his 50s, and I found
myself very attracted to him.
As we were talking I realised that he was a
naturally flirtatious man.


I started enjoying this…
We were standing in front of his desk
when his telephone rang and he reached
around me to answer it.
At that moment I felt his body touching mine.


It wasn’t intentional but it was really
very exciting.
“We will meet again” he said promisingly, and
squeezed my hand meaningfully.


I felt a current going through my body,
and I squeezed his hand too….
My life was about to change!


 Dancing_Couple Piano


Game Master


Flirting is an exciting game.
It makes us feel positive, healthy, young,
uplifted, beautiful, desirable and forget
everything else for that moment.


The only thing we need is
To Really Want To Do It.
The following basics will also help this
game of seduction to be successful.


Couple_On_Train Couple_on_Trunk


Vos Es Mei


1)    Be self-confident and believe in yourself.

2)    Know what you want.

3)    Be well-informed regarding your interests for


4)    Wear and carry something unusual to encourage


5)    Wear red lipstick or red clothes.

6)    Play with something to attract attention.

7)    Make eye contact for a few minutes.

8)    Say Hello with sparkle and energy.

9)    Shake his/her hand, as follows:

a)   Reach out.

b)   Touch the hand.

c)   Hold the hand.

d)   Squeeze the hand twice.

e)   Let the hand go.


Champ_Balcony Champagne


10)   Smile and talk smoothly.

11)   Repeat his/her name a few times.

12)   Flatter him/her often.

13)   Talk about yourself first to create a bond.

14)   Ask uncommon questions to show your


15)   Touch discreetly anywhere above the waist.


and finally,


16)   Leave as soon as you feel certain he/she

wants more of you and you will hear from

them again.

Make them feel lost without you.

Be really hard to get.


G o o d    L u c k !!! 









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