Male ‘Ana!




Tabo and Izy were enjoying each other’s company
sank into a sofa on the balcony of their seaside apartment.
She was a slim, striking brunette with her hair draped over
her fit tanned shoulders.
She was wearing a tight-fitting dress, which displayed
her perfect breasts and excellent legs.

He was an extremely attractive man with blue alert eyes,
strong nose and a modern short hair cut.
“We could do with a good drink” he said with a soft voice,
“let’s have some champagne”!
He opened  a bottle of a rare vintage Dom Perignon rose,
and while pouring it into the flute glasses his hypnotic eyes
watched her closely.

“You are a beauty” he said with his captivating voice;
and stood  there admiring her..!
Then he sat next to her on the sofa.
Her leg leaned against his and she took hold of his hand.
He squeezed it softly, looked deeply into her hazel eyes
and kissed her lips passionately..!


Wedding_Two_Hearts Wedding_01


M a u   L o a


The meaning of marriage is Love:
Love in action and not words or just feelings.
This kind of love is found within ourselves, and we can
show it to our partner in our every day lives.

It is complete, unselfish and unprejudiced love!
Every day living is hard, full of challenges and difficulties,
which we have to face.
Problems can be created which could lead to unhappiness.


Wedding_Two_Hearts2 Wedding_02


N o   K a u   a   K a u

All marriages go through various stages and evolve.
During the years the couple will have to face many
serious or small issues, which they will need to address
with openness and flexibility.
A healthy and happy marriage will work forever if
we all follow certain rules.


Wedding_04 Wedding_03


K i p o n a   A l o h a


1)   Wise Disputes

When you have an argument try to stay on the subject
and in the present.
Never refer to past problems or situations.

2)   Appreciation

Respect the individual and consider his/her needs.

3)   Affection

Show your true love and support your partner.

4)   Connection

Be open and honest, and try to communicate as best as
you can with your partner.

5)   Optimism

Have common values, be cheerful, relaxed and pleasant.
Try to enjoy every day living together.

6)   Harmony

Be dedicated to the marriage, and have vision and patience.
Adjust and understand.


Me Ke Aloha!





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