Hi there!


Since I was two years old my mother used to take me
to the beautiful, sandy beach we had close to our home.

I used to play in the cool blue water, swim and sit in the
warm, soft sand.  What a bliss that was!

Still until today, the sea and the sun are the best things
for me — and I am always anxious to be by them.

There is nothing that can replace a wonderful, warm
and sunny summer’s day!
What an uplifting feeling!

Sunbathing — one of life’s great pleasures!
Apart from its health benefits, developing this beautiful
tan is one of the most sexy sensations!




The Titan


Summer is approaching, and we all look forward to
spending more time outside.
We want to enjoy all its benefits.

At the same time we must protect our skin from
the sun’s harmful radiation.

Obviously we have to use a sunscreen SPF 50 on our faces
and SPF 30 on our bodies to guard against ageing and burning.

But there are a number of foods we can be eating, which
can protect our skin and boost our defences against various
skin problems.

These foods with their active ingredients can also keep our
skin looking fresher, radiant and nourished from within.


The Guardian Angels


1)   Soy Milk and Edamame.
They contain Isoflavones which prevent collagen breakdown.

2)   Kiwi and Broccoli.
They contain Vitamin C which wards off wrinkles and dryness.

3)   Watermelon and Tomatoes.
They contain Lycopene an anti-ageing agent for smoother skin.

4)   Wild Alaskan Salmon.
It contains high amounts of Omega 3 oils to preserve collagen.

5)   Black grapes and Cherries.

They contain Epicatechins which maintain healthy skin texture.

6)   Pomegranate.
It contains Phytoestrogens which protect collagen and elastin.


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

Selection of seeds

Selection of seeds


7)   Sweet Potato and Carrots.
They contain Beta Carotene which protects the texture of the skin.

8)   Nuts and Seeds.

They contain Vitamin E for powerful anti-ageing results.

F i n a l l y,

Avoid the midday and early afternoon sun by staying in the shade

wherever you are.

Always wear lip balm with SPF OR any lip balm with coloured
lipstick on top.

Always wear a hat and good sunglasses.

Keep on enjoying the sun!





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