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Tabo woke up with a soft kiss.
She was curled close to him caressing
all parts of his body.

He felt a sweet feeling all over him.
She started kissing his neck moving
slowly towards his chest.

He thought “now is the time to try again”.
He turned towards her and started
kissing her passionately.

The time was passing but his libido was
switched off — his erection was non-existent.
He started feeling tense and anxious……



Losing your vigor as you get older is a natural
part of life;   but still there are many Natural
steps you can take to ensure you are not
going to turn into a weak man.

Generations ago men maintained their androgen
hormone levels for longer;  but with today’s
lifestyle men start losing their masculinity
sooner than later.

The result is mood disturbances, decreased libido,
fatigue, loss of muscle.
The solution is to support your androgen hormone
levels and maintain your sexual vitality and energy
as you age.






“Αφροδισιακον” – The word comes from the Greek
Goddess of love “Aphrodite”.

The biggest aphrodisiac is the Sun with its bright
light and heat, which enhance the sexual hormones.




There are a number of Natural Solutions to raise
your energy levels and libido as well as to set you
in the right mood.




The Foods


1.   Almonds
2.   Pistachios
3.   Avocado
4.   Bananas
5.   Chocolate
6.   Asparagus
7.   Oysters
8.   Honey
9.   Cucumber


The Vitamins

a)   L-Arginine – relaxing the muscles & blood vessels

b)   Zinc – raises testosterone

c)   L-Carnitine – Helps with the blood flow

d)   Selenium – for the production of testosterone

e)   Vitamins B and E


The Essential Oils


1.   Jasmine
2.   Ylang Ylang
3.   Lavender
4.   Sandalwood

These essential oils can be used in a diffuser or burner,
and lavender oil can be used for massage.
They are ideal to relax you and elevate your mood.

Also, there are many herbs in various forms with
some good results, but with possible side effects, so
I do not recommend them unless there is a serious
problem;   in which case it is better to use the herbs
rather than any medicines. 



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