Hi there!


She was sitting in this cozy atmospheric bar
sipping her champagne slowly;
her inquisitive hazel eyes spying around
the room discreetly.

A striking hypnotic blond with a designer’s
short hair cut exposing her beautiful swan neck
and splendid bare shoulders.

She was wearing a hazel tight fitted knee high
strapless dress, which was displaying her
perfectly round breasts and superb body shape.

She half opened her full red lips while crossing
her long attractive legs showing her alluring stilettos.

She left absolute confidence within herself;
but she already knew she looked so seductive,
and all eyes were focused on her!


DSC_0011 DSC_0012


T e m p t a t i o n


To be sexy you have to know:

a)   How to emphasize your physical traits.

b)   How to behave.

c)   When to act. 

Being Erotically Attractive


1)   Master Your Appearance:


Keep very high image standards by looking
after yourself.

Be a natural beauty with red hot lips.

Wear simple clothes, which accentuate the
curves all over your body.


DSC_0024 DSC_0023


2)   Master Your Moves:


Well planned body moves are very inviting.

*    Crossing the legs.
*    Bending a little forward wearing fitted clothes.
*    Turning the body teasingly.
*    Stretching a little the chest wearing a V neck.
*    Showing a nude back.
*    Showing a nude shoulder.

3)    Master Your Attitude:


Be very self confident and positive
about life.

Alternate flirting with teasing when talking.

Touch the person affectionately for quick
short intervals.

Smile and keep your eyes on his face at all times.

Show him that his desires matter to you.

All the above make a sexy woman.

Good Luck!





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