Superb Miracle!


Hi there!


They were sitting on the soft and comfortable sofa
in the balcony of this cosy and wonderful seaside cafe;
savouring each other’s company and watching
the bright sun shining on the calm blue waters
of the bay.


DSC00250 DSC00236


Icon of Perfection


The three most revitalising months of
the year – March, April, May.
It means resurrection and rebirth!

The sun is higher and sets later, the birds are singing
happily – and we are all anxious to soak up everything
around us:  the bright sun, the blossoming flowers,
Easter and May Day.
It is the ideal weather conditions for the nature to
regenerate itself and rise to conquer all.


DSC00268 DSC00267


Magnificent Artistry

Wild flowers are in full bloom, the golden sun is
shining and the wonderful nature dominates earth.

Most people are outside enjoying the innumerable
attractions:  the beautiful cafes and bars,
the al fresco dining, walking in the gorgeous
beaches and stunning countryside, visiting museums
and the superb monuments.

Feel renewed and rejuvenated!

Resurrect and regrow!

Better times are coming, and
a New Life is waiting to be enjoyed!




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