Hi there!

She was a very glamorous woman, with blonde modern
styled hair, beautiful green eyes and full red lips;
but at middle age now she had already started showing
her age.

“You are a very impressive man; try to live in the
moment” she said and sipped her exclusive brandy.

“I can come and see you at your place, any time”
he whispered cunningly.
“Yes, I’d like that very much” she replied smiling
showing her wonderfully shaped bright teeth.


On The Rocks


As we grow older our skin starts to develop character
lines and wrinkles, which gradually deepen.

Obviously genetic inheritance is a very big factor,
but our lifestyle habits and the environment also
make an important contribution.

Although we can never stop ageing there are certain
steps we can take to delay wrinkles from appearing
and deepening — even erasing them temporarily.

We need to,


(A)  Stimulate collagen and elastin production.

(B)  Prevent free radicals from damaging our skin.


Capsules Face Sauna


Quick Fixes


1)  Massage your skin on a daily basis for better
circulation and tightening of tissues.

2)  Steam your face from time to time to clean the
pores and soften the surface.

3)  Use moisturising creams containing hydroxy acids
to help with existing wrinkles.

4)  Always use a sunscreen SPF 50 to protect
your face from the sun when outside.

5)  Eat Hyaluronic Acid foods like, meats, soy and
whole grains to prevent dryness.

6)  Take antioxidant vitamins A (Beta Carotene), C, E and
to fight free radical damage.

We must consider ourselves very lucky living in these

modern times.
Today we have the knowledge and the right skincare
products to maintain our skin’s youthful appearance.

Wrinkles are not an inescapable fact any more.
Scientific research is being done every day finding
ways to rejuvenate our skin.

Now, not only we can dream of fresher and smoother
skin but we can make it reality — even if it is only
on a temporary basis.





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