Our immune system is a series of processes that
protect our body against a great number of various
diseases and other health problems.

Since we rely on our immune system to keep us healthy and
have a long life, we must feed it the nutrients needed to
maintain it strong and effective.


Stop-Step Courgettes


A healthy lifestyle, which includes relaxation through
various forms of meditation, good sleep patterns
and moderate regular exercise, together with
healthy diet choices, will enhance our immune
system’s strength.


Angels In The Design


Following a healthy and nutritionally dense
diet will certainly boost our immune system,
but there are certain nutrients which offer
even more to it.

a)   Vitamin C increases the number of the white
blood cells as well as the antibodies.

b)   Vitamin E enhances the production of our
immune cells.

c)   Vitamin B Complex are powerful immune boosters.

d)   Vitamin D is the most important immune

e)   Zinc increases the white blood cells.

f)   Omega 3 Fatty Acids contribute to the increase
of the white blood cells.

g)   Probiotics enhance immunity.

h)   Selenium increases the natural killer cells.

i)   Carotenoids increase infection fighting cells.




Bioflavonoids the powerful antioxidant chemicals
in the plants protect against environmental pollutants
and all toxins.

Try to include six (6) servings of fruits and vegetables
in your healthy diet daily.


Cauliflower, Broccoli

Cauliflower, Broccoli


Keeping the immune system strong is absolutely
vital to stay healthy.

Limit the consumption of  alcohol and saturated
fats and avoid sugar, because they weaken the immune
system with negative consequences.





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