Carpe Diem!





I want to look ten years younger — and I am certain you want, too.

By adopting the right lifestyle we can do it.
It only takes three weeks to change a bad habit or introduce
a new one.



Including the following suggestions in your daily life you
will feel and look more youthful.


Purple Flower


1) Eat small frequent meals to maintain healthy blood sugar
and cholesterol levels.

2) Avoid adding milk to your tea because it destroys its
nutrition and health benefits.

3) Try to do something energetic for 10 minutes every day.

4) When you moisturise your face do not forget your earlobes
because they also age together with the rest of your skin.

5) Women, do Kegel exercises daily (10×3).

6) Wear a pedometer to count your steps, and aim for at least
6,000 steps daily.

7) Wash your hair only twice a week to maintain its moisture.

8) Do not forget to remove any weird facial hair for a youthful
and fresh look.

9) Wash your pillow cases regularly to avoid dust mites.

10) Use saline solution to keep your nose moist and
prevent allergies.

11) Keep a water spray close for when you feel the need to cool
down or refresh your face.

12) Keep your nails short for youthful hands.

13) Dye your hair to cover the greys and look younger.

14) Replace your toothbrush every three months to avoid bacteria.

15) Have the right hair style for the shape of your face and your age.

16) Do not use soap on your face to preserve its moisture.

17) Keep your brain active by reading and remembering.


Books on Stand


18) Avoid drinking alcohol at night because it is a stimulant.






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