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Hi there!


Izy came into the lounge holding his Marlborough
leather jacket and cashmere scarf.

He wrapped it around his neck immediately, and
while she was holding the jacket for him, he slipped
his arms into the sleeves.

“Thank you” he said, “it’s chilly tonight”.
“I’m Izy, Mr Beppe’s personal assistant”
“She is my agent” Beppe added.

“women seem to be more conscientious and devoted
to their duties” he replied.
“I agree, absolutely” Beppe smiled.


The Business


The numerous differences between men’s and
women’s brains are very well supported by facts.

Here are the most important variations between
the two.




A) Communication:


Women analyse issues and try to find solutions,
while men are task-orientated.

In conversation women like talking and include
a lot of details and memories, while men are more
focused on the subject.


B) The Brain:


Men’s brains are 12% heavier and 2% bigger than
women’s due to larger physical size.

Men process better in the left hemisphere, while
women use equally both.

Men are better in mathematical tasks, while women
are superior in language subjects.


C) Emotions:


Women express their feelings better and are able to
handle stress with care.

Men show a “fight or flight” response.
They are more easy going, and they are able to
keep their feelings under control.




D) Health:


Women perceive pain more intensely than men,
and express it as well.

They are also more susceptible to mood disorders,
while men are more prone to language problems.


E) Sexuality:


In men the part of the brain responsible for mating
behaviour is much larger than in women.

Men have very much more active sex drive and
think about sex most of the time.

Women express more emotion and think much
less about sex.

Men and women are very different and this explains their
various approaches in certain circumstances.








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