Per Aspera Ad Astra!




I have been discussing the subject of retirement and
reinvention for some time now.
It is the most important subject, especially for women
in their 50s and 60s, because these decades a new
life cycle begins.

The question “what will I do for the next twenty five
years?” is in people’s minds — and it really is a very
long time to be inactive.

Retiring from whatever you have been doing for the
last twenty five years is puzzling; but most importantly
you have to be emotionally prepared.

Even so, it will still take a minimum of a two year
transitional period to re-adjust to your new life.
You will go through a number of phases until you
finally sink into your new life pattern.




The Return


The secret for an effective reinvention is to set quality goals.
Goals keep us focused, motivated and interested.
We have something to believe in and look forward to.

Make a list with the following suggestions, and you can
add or remove, depending on what you like doing.

1)   Travelling to places you have never been before.
2)   Change the interior decoration of your house.
3)   Involve yourself with the community.
4)   Volunteer for something you enjoy.
5)   Get a part time job in the field of your choice.
6)   Change the design of your garden.
7)   Learn a foreign language or any other course.
8)   Look after your health as a hobby.
9)   Take up writing.
10)   Pursue fitness in a health club.
11)   Take up cooking or baking.
12)   Develop new friendships.
13)   Become more spiritual.

Living Power


The next three rules are vital to your moving forward
in a productive way.

This point in your life is a period of losses, like

your youth and your best appearance;
but do not forget that now is the time to get rid
of all previous expectations about yourself and
Start feeling relaxed, free and independent.

b) Now this is the stage when almost all people say
“I do not care”;
and it includes friends, colleagues, family and
Now is the right time to say “NO”.

c) Finally this is the time to develop self awareness.
Start being conscious of your own existence
separate from the other people.
Concentrate to your own feelings, thoughts,
behaviours and traits.



Favourable Outcome


(I) In order to succeed in your new life you do need
to be very enthusiastic about your goals.
You need to commit yourself and focus.
Whatever your goal is, even if you decide to do
nothing, you have to be excited about it.
Enthusiasm equals success.

(II) Remember this is a transitional period and it will
take a long time, so you need to be very patient.
This is going to be a long journey until you find
your own sense of purpose, and you need to give
time to adapt yourself.

Patience is a virtue.






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