Bible of Strength!




We all know that by following a proper diet we will get all
the nutrients our body needs to be healthy.

But our today’s life is very difficult, hard and complicated.
Not only a very small number of us follow a proper diet
but our food ingredients are so manipulated these days
that we do not take the necessary nutrients we need to
say healthy.
Also as we age the nutrient absorption becomes less efficient.


Frontier Beyond


If we want to achieve optimal wellness then certainly we
must support our diet with, at least, the most critical nutrients.

The following five nutrients need to be taken in supplemental
form to safeguard against various diseases.


The Tonics


1) Vitamin C

A vital anti-ageing nutrient.
a) It enhances our immunity.
b) It protects our body from oxidative stress.
c) It ensures blood vessel dilation.
d) It keeps our skin young.
Take 500mg daily.

2) Vitamin D

A pro-hormone nutrient connected to most chronic diseases.
The main source is the sunlight but since it is impossible for most
of us to sunbathe on a daily basis, we must supplement.
Take 1000IU daily.

3) Vitamin E

A nutrient necessary for many body functions.
1) It fights free radicals.
2) It reduces cholesterol levels.
3) It keeps our skin moisturised.
4) It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agent.
5) It regulates our hormone levels.
Take 100IU daily.


4) Calcium

An a absolutely vital mineral.
1) It strengthens our bones.
2) It protects our heart muscle.
3) It controls our blood pressure.
Take 1000mg daily.

5) Magnesium

An important nutrient to stay healthy.
1) Together with Calcium fights bone loss.
2) It benefits our nervous system.
3) It reduces the risk of diabetes.
4) It protects our heart.
Take 500mg daily.


Always take all supplements with food.
If you have any health problems discuss with your physician.




The Seeds of Health

Eat green and colourful fruits every day.

2) Eat whole grains and beans.

3) Include mono-unsaturated fats in your diet daily.
Olive oil, nuts, seeds.

4) Include protein with every meal for energy.
Wild salmon, lean meats and poultry, eggs.

5) Avoid processed foods which contain sugars and salt.





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