The Untouchables!



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Venus;   the second planet from the Sun.
It is named after the Roman Goddess of Love
and Beauty.

The symbol of Venus, circle and cross underneath,
represents the female sex.

Taking joy in living
 is a woman’s best cosmetic.

Rosalind Russell

A woman who cannot be ugly
 is not beautiful.

Karl Kraus


Birth of Venus

by Sandro Boticelli


Ethereal Being


Being a woman has a number of advantages,
serious and funny.
Some of them are as follows:


a)   Women have breasts, which are uniquely
attractive to men.

b)   Women can have multiple orgasms when
they are in the right mood.

c)   Women can also pretend  an exclusive
orgasm without their partner realizing that
it is not real.

d)   Women can wear lipstick, which makes them
look glamorous and youthful.

e)   Women live a minimum of five (5)  years longer
than men.



by Delphin Enjolras


f)    Women can cry freely without pressing,
hiding themselves or being embarrassed.

g)   Women are always the centre of attention wherever
they go.

h)   Women wear stilettos, so they do not really care
about their height so much.

i)   Women can handle several things at once.

j)   It is much easier for a woman not to work, if
she chooses to do so.


I am a woman
 I am invincible
 I am strong
 I am a woman

Helen Reddy




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