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Everyone has secret fantasies.
Hidden illusions which inspire passion and
excite us in the bedroom.

Many people express their imagination alone;
while others share it with their partners.

Usually, sexual fantasies reflect our character
and various memories from previous years,
as well as our daily anxieties.

Basically, they are normal reactions to our life’s
many and different experiences.

Henri Pierre Picou

Henri Pierre Picou


Mystic Ways 


People use their individual routes to experience
and feel the most effective fantasies for them.

a)   They look at sexy magazines.

b)   They watch erotic videos.

c)   They create a specific sensual atmosphere.

d)   They try many different intimate things.

Cryptic Clarifications


1)   Public Sex:


–  Toilets.
–  Beach.
–  Elevator.
–  Park.

This means you are the kind of person who likes
taking risks;  and you realize it during sexual

2)   Swinging:

–  Changing partners.

This means you really need a lot of variety in
every aspect of your life;  including your
sex life.



by John William Godward


3)   Acting Roles:


–  Teacher and student.
–  Doctor and nurse.
–  Policeman and criminal.

This means you do like drama, because perhaps
your life is dull and boring;  so you need to
experience excitement.

4)   Threesome:


–  Three in bed.

This means you are a team player.  You are a
relaxed and trusting person who likes sharing
everything, including your partner.

5)   Voyeurism:

–  Sex in front of the window.

This means you are the kind of person who
wants to be the centre of attention;  you want
to be the epicentre in your life.


by Antoine-Jean Gros


6)   Masochism:


–  Ropes.
–  Handcuffs.
–  Chains.
–  Tapes.
–  Scarfs.

This means you really are the type who needs to
be ordered around;   and it is a great aphrodisiac
for you.

7)   Spanking:

–  Derriere beating.

This means you are a very critical person with
everything, everybody and yourself;  and you do
feel the need to be punished in your life.

8)   Bedroom Eating:

–  Chocolate.
–  Honey.
–  Ice cream.

This means you are an emotional eater;  and you
get very excited when eating in the bed.


The biggest sex organ is our mind….!




Henri Pierre Picou

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