Satisfaction Guarantee!



Hi there!


She stared at the woman in the mirror,
and felt a wave of fear sweeping over her.
“I am too fat.. I have too many wrinkles..
my hair is thinning.. My body is sagging..
I’m really growing old..!”

She felt anxious and panicky, so she had to
lie down to relax before she could do anything
else that evening.


Happiness is a state of mind!


It is not something external to chase.
It is inside us, and we have to decide to
be happy!

As soon as we stop being neurotic about things
like, “What should I be doing with the rest of
my life?” and really relax, then we will experience
true happiness.




The Quest


Examine the following vital areas in your life,
and if you find faults put them right.


A) Personal Connections:

Be a real and honest friend to all your
Be a loving and kind person to be with.

B) Mindset:

Decide to make every day very pleasant and
Take all the necessary steps to achieve this, and
keep on smiling.



C) Appreciation:

Every day feel grateful for who you are and
what you have in your life, including your
Count your blessings.

D) Absolution:

Stop feeling a victim and start enjoying your
Forgive, forget and move forward without
looking back.
Forgiveness removes everything and everybody
from your orbit.

E) Spirituality:

A strong faith connects us with our inner self
and our present life.
It can be anything like,
Meditation, Prayer or Yoga.
Connect and you will feel fulfilled.

F) Health and Well-being:

Look after yourself and take care of your
Only if you are healthy you will be able to
experience happiness.




G) Focus In The Moment:

Completely immerse yourself in whatever
you are doing.
Narrowing your attention to the present
moment will reconnect you with solid ground.

Do not relive the past, and
do not anticipate the future.
Love the present.


Accept the things you can not change.
Acceptance leads to happiness.

The goal of life is to taste as many experiences
as we can!

The aim is to LIVE!





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