Dance of Destruction!




It is very attractive to act or work independent of others,
because it gives us complete freedom to do as we wish
at any time.

On the other hand, close healthy relationships can also
be very interesting and rewarding because we can share
things and play with them.

Good relationships should give us support when we need
it, and we can have fun with them.
Basically it is all about trust.

Consequently, if we feel exhausted and unhappy after
being with them, obviously, they are not the right people
for us to associate.
In unhealthy relationships they are all about them, not us.




Draining Relationships


We all know them — they can be our friends, our family,
our relatives, our partners, our colleagues.
We can recognize them everywhere.

The most common wearing types of people we meet in our
life and probably associate with are the following:


1)  The One Who Always Suffers:

The miserable person who complains about
everything all the time.

2)  The One Who Finds Faults:

The person who criticizes and judges
everybody else.




3)  The One who Wants to Direct:


The dominating person who thinks he/she
knows everything.

4)  The One Who Loves Him/Herself:

The self-centred person who wants always to be
admired and praised.


I am sure most of you have/had first hand experience
dealing with such people.

Avoid these people completely.
If you  have to come in to contact with them for different
reasons, behave considerately, politely and calmly, and
limit your exposure to them as much as possible.






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