Hi there!


We are all supposed to come into this world with our
own unique Karma.

All people will suffer various ailments at different points
in their lives;  and all of them will respond to these
disorders in their own way.

It is a fact that we can all become our own spiritual
healers, if we are prepared to employ specific methods
and put some effort to it.


Miracles Of Harmony




A)  Visualization:


This means using your imagination to feel well.

It will not especially cure a serious illness, but
you will feel better within yourself and be able
to cope more efficiently.

Also, visualizing yourself healthy reduces fear
and anxiety, so you feel more comfortable and

Ideal treatment for light Health matters.




B)  Meditation:


This is an ancient means to reach God.

In our modern times it is used to calm the self
when under stress, involving conscious effort.

In order to be able to meditate, you must sit or
lie comfortably in a silent and calm environment.

Next, keep on repeating a mantra – a key word of
your choice – in your head to stop intrusions.

Meditation is a common technique to relax.

Ideal treatment for Anxiety problems.


White Daisies


C)  Relaxation:


This is another excellent method to feel peaceful.

You need to lie in a quiet and comfortable place

Then start guiding your mind and relax each part
of your body at a time, starting from the feet,
moving upwards and finishing with the head.

This really is a very effective way to feel completely

Ideal treatment for Stress situations.




Bottom Line:


Certainly to self-heal requires a lot of willingness and
serious commitment.

You also must see yourself as a spiritual being rather than
a developed animal.

Additionally, you always must think positively about
yourself, the others and the world.

It is only then that you will enjoy emotional and physical





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