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Ancient Greeks were very advanced in the field of
medicine.  Until today we can see that many known
diseases still have the original identified Greek names.

Greeks were the first doctors who considered health
problems in a scientific way.
They cured most diseases with herbs as well as other
food ingredients, like spices, seeds, roots and honey.

There is proof that every day kitchen foods have
secret curing powers.


Kitchen Cures


Alleviate your symptoms, improve the condition of your
health and heal the pain with the following remedies
from your kitchen cupboard.


1)  Tension Headaches:

Hold a frozen vegetable bag on your forehead for ten
minutes to relieve yourself.

2)  Minor Burns:

Place a slice of a freshly cut onion on the burn until it
feels less painful.

3)  Puffy Eyes:

Place two cooled tea bags on your closed eyes for ten
minutes and see the swelling disappearing.

4)  Hangover:

Eat a spoonful of honey to help the body metabolise
the alcohol faster.


Honey Cleancloves


5)  Colds:

Eat strong spices including garlic to loosen mucus and
fight infection.

6)  Hiccups:

Take one teaspoon of sugar and swallow for immediate

7)  Nausea:

Eat a few pieces of stem ginger or drink a cup of ginger
tea to relieve nausea from any cause.

8)  Indigestion:

Mix one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water
and drink it slowly.


BicarbonateSoda Bananas


9)  Stress/Anxiety:

Eat a banana to go through your crisis peacefully.

10) Cuts:

Sprinkle powdered cloves on it to prevent infection.


There are many more similar solutions from our kitchen
cupboards but I find the above the be the simplest and
with some use.

In our days home remedies are the base of natural medicine.
Stock up on the mentioned essentials to ease your problem
quickly, cheaply and efficiently.




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