Non Temere!




We all have different fears which prevent us from living
our best life and becoming really happy.

We are kept back by holding the wrong mindset about
ourselves, like:

a)  I am not good, instead of, Try.
b)  It takes time, instead of, Persist.
c)  I deserve it, instead of, Create it.
d)  I am secure, instead of, Build it.

We will always experience fear and consequently
anxiety on our journey towards achievement and
success in our life.

The important thing is to dare and deal with our
fears in the right way, and keep on moving.


Many Roses


The Accomplishment


According to research people have a gene in their
brains which controls all our fears.
So, it seems that we are all predisposed to be
fearful or fearless.

This is very obvious in our everyday life, when
we see people reacting in so many different ways.

Fear of failure is a very common thing.
In our today’s aggressive and opposing culture
it is widespread.

Fear is dealt differently between men and women:

a)  Men resolve their anxieties when going to work.
b)  Women agonize on all personal issues and try
to find the courage to deal with their anxieties






Here are the four main ways to conquer fear.


1)  Confront:


Studies have shown that the best way to deal with
fear is to push ourselves and defy it.

This way we will weaken its hostile power, and
even if we feel anxious, we will still be able to
do what we want.

Also by trying something new in our life we can
help ourselves against our genetic predisposition
and change it.


2)  Disregard:


We can try and avoid our fear by ignoring it.
We can accept its presence, relax about it, say
“all is well” and let it go.


3)  Envisage:


Think, Speak, Write and Imagine the desirable
Try to feel exactly how you would want to feel


4)  Believe:


Trust that no matter what the problem is and what
happens, you will be able to handle it.

Fear makes us feel worried, anxious and inactive.
We must take action and learn, so we can finally feel
more confident and achieve the life we want.





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