Piece De Resistance!




Both men and women have always been
captivated by these works of fine art …….
called the female breast!

It is considered God’s gift, and has been portrayed
in carvings and statues since prehistoric times.

In ancient Egypt and Greece many deities were
associated with breasts, and a number of cults

Firm and beautiful breasts make the woman
extremely attractive to men.

It is of vital importance to keep this magnificent
blessing in the best condition possible.


Minoan Snake Goddess figurines c 1600 BCE


Garden Of Secrets


Here are some clever steps we need to take
to maintain the breasts in top shape.

A)   Nutrition:

 Maintain overall healthy eating habits.
Limit alcohol consumption, and specifically

1)   Animal protein.
2)   Healthy fats.
3)   Soya milk.
4) Vitamin C supplements.
5) Vitamin E supplements.



B)   Weight:

Keep a normal weight for your body without
dieting or eating too much.

Following this tactic you will avoid fat
accumulation in the breast as well as sagging
by being too thin.

C)   Support:

Always measure the size of the breasts and
buy the right bras.

The Breasts change during the decades, so a
good, comfortable and supportive bras should
be worn at all times to avoid gravity.

D)   Exercise:

 The best way to exercise the pectoral muscles
is to include some Isometric moves.

This can be done anywhere by pushing an immovable
object, like the wall, using the body’s own resistance.

Also, Swimming on your back is very effective as well
as Lifting the arms above the head for a “breast lift”.

Posture is extremely important to prevent sagging.
Try to keep your back straight during the day.



E)   Maintenance:

Shower in cool water, exfoliate and moisturise the
breasts regularly.

Also massage gently with circular movements to
increase blood circulation.

The breasts need to be handled delicately and with
great care.


1)   Very active sports and sudden movements.

2)   Vigorous rubbing, bruising and squeezing.

3)   Carrying very heavy objects.






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