Multum In Parvo!



Hi there!


A clean tidy home is a pleasant and peaceful
place to be.

When our home is full of unwanted and unneeded
items it influences not only our mood negatively
and causes confusion, but it also makes it impossibly
hard for us to live in it.

Material possessions as well as various memorabilia
connected to us emotionally and mentally block
our soul and prevent us from living our life to
the full.

We need to remove the chaos from our space and
mind to be able to feel calm and enjoy an easy
flowing life.




Physical Ataxia


A)   Go through all the rooms and identify the areas
that need clearing and organize a plan to put
things right.
B)   Assign one hour in your chosen days and tackle
only one area of a room at a time.
C)   Be relentless when clearing clothing, papers,
bottles, anything which you do not use or need
any more.

There is no point in trying to do a lot in one day,
because you will get bored and tired, and most
probably you will abandon the job.

It is tough, so it is much better to take a long time
and do a little.
At the end, it will be all worth the trouble.




Mental/Emotional Ataxia


A)  Make a list of all tasks, ideas, thoughts, concerns,
wishes, including all people in your life.
B)  Set your priorities right;  and gradually eliminate
all the rest including people “sponges”.
C)  Stop worrying and think positively.
D)  Discard any unpleasant and destructive feelings.
E)  Practice relaxation techniques like, walking,
meditating, developing a hobby, sleeping.
F)  Do not rush with anything.  Take it slowly no matter
what you do:  talking, walking, driving, shopping.


Removing all rubble from your life is inspirational
and purifying.

When we give up material things we also relinquish
all emotional and mental baggage we have been
carrying with us, forever.

Our general being is extremely improved.
Develop clutter free habits to feel happy and
enjoy a long healthy and pleasant life.

Make space in your home, your heart, your mind.





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