Tug Of War!



Hi there!


Mid life crisis is a very unpleasant symptom
of the modern western life.

It affects both men and women with combined
significant physical, emotional and mental
symptoms experienced mostly by people in their
forties and fifties.

It is usually triggered by major specific life events
in connection with the changing hormones in the
body, with distressing consequences.

Mid life crisis affects each person in various ways,
at different times and with varied symptoms and

It can not be avoided and it has to be recognized,
accepted, controlled and managed until it has passed;
using all the past experiences and skills.




The Plan Of Attack


A)  If you believe that falling hormone levels are the
main source of your problems then,
      either  Consult your physician for the necessary treatments.
      or  Use natural remedies like foods, supplements and herbs.
B)  If you believe that your problems are primarily
      psychological, follow the recommendations.




The Recommendations


1)  Find various ways to remove stress from your life
     and feel relaxed.
2)  Eat regular and nutritional meals to keep your
     physical body healthy.
3)  Rest and sleep six to seven hours.
4)  Exercise regularly to keep fit.
5)  Balance your home and work life by developing
     time management techniques.
6)  Get used to your new sex life patterns.
7)  Accept ageing and mortality.
8)  Reinvent your life by developing new interests.


In conclusion,
mid life crisis means,
we must give up who we are,
and become who we are going to be!





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