Bella Donna!




We all search for the miracle treatment that will
rejuvenate our skin and make us look many
years younger.

But beaming health and feeling comfortable
with our body are much more appealing than
any rejuvenation treatment.


The Allies


1)   Healthy Fresh Foods.
2)   Good Hygiene Habits.
3)   Drinking Enough Liquids.
4)   Natural Air.
5)   Relaxation.


The Enemies


1)   Unprotected Sun Exposure.
2)   Processed Foods.
3)   Air-Conditioning.
4)   Central Heating.
5)   Cold Weather.
6)   Excessive Make-up.
7)   Caffeine and Alcohol.
8)   Stress.
9)   Ageing.


R  e s o l u t i o n s


Here are some helpers to keep your skin fresher,
healthier and more youthful.




A)  Choose skincare which includes the following:

*   Retinol to exfoliate and help erase wrinkles.
*   Vitamin C to lighten age spots.
*   Hyaluronic Acid to moisturise dry skin.
*   Peptides for collagen production to tighten
 sagging skin. 

B)  Choose a sun screen with anti ageing agents
and high SPF;  and wear it all day.

C)  To tighten the face skin, freeze pineapple juice;
 then take the ice cubes and rub them softly on
 the face. 
Leave 5-10 minutes and rinse.

D)  To cleanse and soothe the face skin, apply
 pure manuka honey.

E)  To remove age spots, put fresh lemon juice
 on the spots twice a day until they are faded.


Two Lemons On a Dish


F)  To comfort the eyes, soak two cotton balls in
full fat cold milk and place them over the eyes.
Repeat for 15 minutes.

*   The cold temperature will remove puffiness.
*   The milk fat will moisturise the skin.
*   The lactic acid will exfoliate. 

G)  To exfoliate the body, mix together:

*   Brown Sugar.
*   Olive Oil.
*    Manuka Honey.
*    Citrus Essential Oil.

Rub your body in the shower and rinse well.

Beauty is all about being yourself.
It is all about feeling beautiful, without disguises.

Age is only in the mind!





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